Party Games

Damit deine Party richtig in Fahrt kommt, wollen wir dir hier ein paar coole amerikanische Drinking Games vorschlagen. Alle Trinkspiele sind natürlich direkt von den klassischen amerikanischen Hausparties inspiriert und auf awesomeness getestet.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong

The objective of the game is to get the beer pong balls into your opponents cup, and every time you succeed, they have to drink the beer and remove the cup. When all your opponent's cups are removed then you win!

You'll need:

20 Red Cups, 16 fl oz (gibt's bei uns in der American Party Box oder individuell!)
2 Ping Pong Balls (gibt's bei uns in der American Party Box oder individuell!)
2 or 4 players

Beer pong setup
Beer Pong Setup: Use cups filled with water to clean your ping pong balls (here in blue)

Beer pong technique
Beer Pong Techniques: Throw the ball in an arc, use a straight shot or let the ball bounce.

How to play:
1. Set up the Red Cups for your beer pong game like shown in the picture.

2. Fill each cup with beer to the second mark on the cups and decide who's starting.

3. Take turns tossing the beer pong ball into the other team's beer cups. The ball may bounce before landing in the Red Cups.

4. When a beer pong ball successfully lands in the opponent's beer cup, the opponent must drink the beer from the cup. The cup is then removed from the game.

5. The first player to remove all of their opponent's beer cups – wins.

Tip: If the beer pong ball falls off the table, dip it into a Red Cup filled with water to clean it.
Beer pong technique
Rearrange the Red Cups periodically after Red Cups have been removed to make it easier to hit the Red Cups.

Drown the Clown

The objective of the game is to be faster than the other players!

You'll need:

1 deck of cards (gibt's bei uns in der American Party Box oder individuell!)
Red Cups
4+ player
Beer or other drinks

How to play:
1. Fill some alcohol in a few Red Cups.

2. Deal each player one card.

3. On the count of three, everyone flips their cards over. If any two people have the same card, then each must point at the person that they have a match with and yell "clown".

4. Whoever says it first gets to watch the other take as many drinks as designated for being the slowest.

5. If a person points at a person who does not have a match or if he/she says anything but the word "clown", then they must drink 3 drinks.